Entheogen Journey Work with Nicole Fetsis at Petaluda Wellness in Seattle
We focus on safe, guided experiences with entheogens in a controlled, compassionate environment.

Entheogen Journey Work

At Petaluda Wellness, we offer a sanctuary for mental health seekers and spiritual explorers who are ready to unlock deep, transformative healing through entheogen journey work. By combining ancient wisdom with modern practices, our guided psychedelic journey is designed to guide you to newfound clarity, peace, and wellness.

Discover a New Way of Being

Entheogens are psychedelic drugs, usually of plant origin. They hold immense power to open us up in ways unlike anything we’ve ever known. The experience itself has the capacity to change our lives dramatically. However, without proper preparation and guidance, some people could find that the insights, healings, and changes don’t last.

Together, we will help contextualize your psychedelic journey with preparation, post-integration, and microdosing education.

Preparing for journeys is immensely important. Imagine hopping straight onto a treadmill that is running at maximum speed. There is a required amount of strength, agility, and presence to keep up without being thrown off and onto your butt. Psychedelic journeys can have a similar kind of intensity! Without proper preparation, you might feel overwhelmed and disorganized throughout the journey. Together, we can start to engage the story of your life and layers of your being, opening and expanding the contracted spaces within and creating more flexibility before you engage with psychedelic medicines.

Integration is just as important as preparation. Entheogens will not do the work for you — but they will help you to release old energies, open up to new possibilities, and see your life and your Self from an expanded perspective.

After the journey is when the real work begins. My intention is to help you connect with the material that arose during your journey and to help you weave the various parts of mind, body, spirit, and soul into a cohesive whole.

Contextualize your psychedelic journey with preparation, post-integration, and microdosing education at Petaluda Wellness.
Private Psychedelic Sessions to explore your awareness in a safe and supported environment through Petaluda Wellness in Seattle.

Why Choose Entheogen Journey Work?

A private psychedelic session offers you the opportunity to explore your awareness in a safe and supported environment with a level of attention that is not possible in larger group settings. This private experience allows the session to be flexible and customized to your needs. It allows us to tune fully in with your process and support you every step of the way. Benefits include:

  • Deep Healing: Address root causes of emotional pain, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.
  • Spiritual Insight: Gain profound spiritual insights and connect deeply with your inner Self and the world around you.
  • Personal Growth: Unlock creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, and open up new realms of personal development.

Our Guided Journey Service

I have completed an extensive year-long training program to provide these guided entheogen journeys. We’ll start with an in-depth intake session followed by two additional sessions so that we can uncover and understand your desires for this experience. These sessions will help us to navigate your intention and are designed around your unique path to healing.

After establishing your intention, I will guide you through a breath session that will prepare you for the psilocybin ceremony ahead.

The actual journey lasts about 4 to 6 hours and is an introspective journey — you’ll be comfortable on a mattress with an eye mask (optional but highly recommended) and curated music. I will be present at all times, holding space, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into your subconscious. If needed, I will give guidance or simply hold your hands for support.

After the ceremony, when you have “returned,” I provide a wholesome snack to help you ground back into your body. At this point, you are able to share about your experience, and I offer guidance for integration and assist in understanding the imagery and messages the plant medicine have offered. I will check in with you after a week to assist more with integration and to help you apply your insights and maintain lasting change.

If you’re seeking a path to healing and transformation beyond traditional methods, entheogen journey work at Petaluda Wellness offers an opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness and unlock your true potential.

Join us on this remarkable voyage of discovery and healing. Contact Nicole today to learn more about our services and to schedule your first session.

Your introspective psilocybin journey lasts about 4 to 6 hours, while you are comfortably lying down with curated music.