What Is Petaluda?
I am passionate about helping people unfurl their wings in life, just like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

What Is Petaluda?

Petaluda means butterfly in Greek.

The name of my practice, Petaluda Wellness, means: helping people find their way to living the life they’ve dreamed could be theirs. I am passionate about helping people unfurl their wings in life, just like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

Think about the actual process to become a butterfly … it really gets to the heart of my philosophy of change.

Caterpillars have everything they need to become a butterfly right there inside themselves. Once a caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon, its genetic programming gives it the knowledge of how to rearrange its building blocks from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

I believe we also have those building blocks within each of us. But unlike the caterpillar, we don’t always have that ancient code to tell us how to transform from caterpillar to butterfly. My job is to help you find your way to transform into your new self. Using your strengths, we will build a plan together to help you to achieve your goals.

Coincidentally, my father’s nickname for me growing up was “petaluda.” I am first-generation American, as my father, Papa, was born in Greece and arrived in the United States when he was 9 years old. Papa always called me his Little Petaluda and said my wings were always a flutter going from one place to another. He admired my curiosity and determination for trying new things and challenging myself.

To me, Petaluda Wellness is a little reminder of that love and faith my Papa had in me, and it is a great tribute to his memory.

Much like most of us, the little petaluda of childhood grew and matured … and lost her way. I have worn many “wings” over the years, taking on others to fit the mold I thought I should be. Staying in an industry that always made me feel less than, and allowing it to convince me that I would never be what I truly wanted to be. It reached a point when I needed to choose myself and my passion over anything else. Channeling my Papa’s words and spirit, I went into my cocoon and got to work on building my true self.

With empathy and compassion, Petaluda Wellness is here to help you release your inner butterfly. Most of us are caterpillars, but it takes time and effort to build your cocoon so that you can change your body and mind enough to sprout your wings and learn to fly.

Nicole Fetsis was called "Little Petaluda" by her father.

Let me help you unfurl your wings and emerge as the beautiful butterfly you are inside. Start with a free 20-minute discovery call.